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Combat Age-Related Loss of Muscle 1.0 (CALM 1.0)

Finding it hard to climb up the stairs or get up from your chair without support? Although traditional lifestyle interventions and exercise programmes have focused on fat loss, there has been a surge of research in the past 10 years that emphasises the importance of maintaining lean muscle mass throughout the ageing process. 

Combat Age Related Loss of Muscle (CALM 1.0) is the starter programme suitable for seniors aged 60 and above to start learning and practising resistance exercises to combat the loss of muscle through aging. The whole package covers 8 weekly sessions (1 hour each).

Sessions will be conducted mainly in English, with simple translations to Mandarin provided.

The programme consists of 3 elements:
A) Assessments (Handgrip strength, walking speed and muscle mass)
B) Resistance Exercises (Using resistance band provided on Week 1 and free weights)
C) Domain Sharing (Move Better, Eat Better and Rest Better)

Outline of 8-week programme:
Week 1: Assessment @ Active Health Lab
Week 2 to 7: Exercise (weekly) & Domain Sharing (on alternate weeks) 
Week 8: Check-In @ Active Health Lab

Note: All sessions will be conducted physically at the labs.

There are no sessions on Public Holidays. 

Cost of Package: $60 (10% discount for Seniors, 30% payable by ActiveSG Credits)

Please ensure that you are able to commit to the 8-week programme, before booking your slot. No refund is allowed.



Combat Age-Related Loss of Muscle 2.0 (CALM 2.0) - Coming Soon