Fitness Test

Ever wondered what is your current fitness level as compared to someone of your own age group? Don't fret. Try out these simple fitness tests for a start!

With the knowledge of your results as a baseline, set your goals and plan your training needs for a healthier you. Monitor your progress over time to track your performance and improvements. Discover all this at the comfort of your home!

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thumbnail_sit to stand-1


Measure and assess leg strength and endurance in adults.

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thumbnail_Modified back scratch test

Modified Back Scratch

Measure flexibility and the range of motion of the shoulders.

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thumbnail_single leg balance

Single Leg Balance with Eyes Closed

Measure balance and proprioception of the body.

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Measure control and endurance of core stabilising muscles.

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thumbnail_Time Up and Go

Timed Up and Go (TUG) 

Measure mobility and fall risk in older adults.

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thumbnail_Sitting-rising test

Sitting Rising

Measure your lower body strength and flexibility.

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thumbnail_Hand wall toss test

Alternate Hand Wall Toss

Measures hand-eye coordination and agility.

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Note: The fitness test done will be based on its suitability for different age groups. Some test may not be available for seniors to create a safe and conducive experience. The fitness test result is for your own reference. It is not in any means, a health diagnostic tool.