Checklist of healthy habits for a healthy home



What if making the healthy choice was easier than making the unhealthy one?


Our homes influence our habits by acting as a reminder or trigger for health promoting and health disrupting behaviours.
Use this checklist to clear away the things that are getting in your way, and set up new reminders for the healthy habits that
support your goals.

Giving old habits a clean sweep takes a bit of elbow grease, but it saves you time and frustration in the long run. Don’t be put off by the size of the list - just tackle one area at a time. See how many tasks you can cross off the list for each area. Your Health Coach is there to guide you.


  • Remove TV trays; eat meals away from TV.
  • Rearrange the room, for a fresh perspective.
  • Keep a foam roller here, you'll use it more.
  • Put candles in the living room to use after dark.
  • Remove the coffee table, to make more space for movement.


  • Move your alarm clock across the room, so you'll have to get up.
  • Remove TVs from the bedroom for better rest.
  • Put up a picture that motivates you.


  • Keep your computer in the office to reduce recreational screen time.
  • Create a tech-free zone somewhere in your house - no phones, no tablets, no electronics at all.


  • Put your walking shoes by the door, to remind youto use them!
  • Buy extra water bottles to have at the ready.
  • Get a houseplant to take care of. This can improve air quality and physical activity.
  • Clear a space where you can stretch and move.


Follow these three steps to create a space that is clean and fun to use, and helps build habits that minimize unhelpful foods while maximizing nutrition and flavour.

STEP 1: TOSS Either give it away or trash it.

  • junk or snack foods
  • desserts
  • artificial sweeteners
  • vegetable oils
  • sugary cereals
  • alcohol
  • soda
  • expired foods


STEP 2: PREP Make it a place that serves your future. 
  • clean the fridge
  • put a visual motivator on the fridge door
  • put up a picture that makes you smile
  • collect 7 days worth of containers
  • upgrade your kitchen appliances
  • buy an oil mister
  • buy smaller bowls and plates
  • get a fuit bowl/basket


STEP 3: STOCK IT Fill your kitchen with delicious, health promoting good stuff. 

  • Stock the fridge with 3 days worth of veg.
  • Stock the freezer with frozen fruit and veg. 
  • Buy herbs - fresh and dried. 
  • Purchase your favourite tea. 
  • Get a few different types of vinegar.
  • Fill the fruit bowl each week. 
  • Buy ingredients instead of pre-made treats. (If you really want a cookie, you'll have to make it!)

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Topics: Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep, Rest Better