GameOn! @ work

Game on @ work

Harnessing on our knowledge and Sport Science expertise, we aim to help you rethink the beliefs about personal health and wellness.

We help to break down the daunting task of staying fit and healthy amidst a busy schedule and lifestyle into actionable and small adjustments compounded to effect positive changes in how we live our life.

The learning journey is tailored to the needs of the working professionals, with online videos and workouts, a community of like-minded learners supporting one another, to motivate and encourage you through.

Bring your team or colleagues on board and connect them with us

GameOn! @ Work includes:

1. Team Fitness and Health Assessment

Fitness and Health Assessment is an experiential programme to help you better understand your current health through simple body measurements guided by Active Health Experts using technology. You will also be able to obtain tips on how to manage or improve your health through simple lifestyle habits through four keys areas: Physical Activity, Nutrition, Screen Time and Sleep.

2. Health Tips (Move better, Sleep better and Eat better)

You can benefit from the tips towards an active lifestyle for the office-based professional. Learn simple stretches and exercises that can be done in the office or home to help you feel good. Discover science-based dietary and hydration strategies for better food choices. Improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Join us now to start moving, eating and sleeping better!

3. Sharing of ActiveSG and much more

An introduction to ActiveSG, its sporting ecosystem, programmes and activities for all ages and abilities to support your Active Health mastery as you proactively take small steps to form simple habits to improve your overall well-being. A tour of the facility together with fun facts to help you appreciate the how this national movement encourages Singaporeans to live better through sport, is included at some locations.