Single Leg Balance Eyes Closed Fitness Test

Note: Ensure you are well before you attempt this fitness test. If you feel any discomfort, cease the activity immediately and get medical attention. Read and understand the Safety & Indemnity form before you proceed further. Remember, your health is a priority!


Some of our daily activities require us to have balance such as standing in the public transport, hanging out your clothes to dry and even walking. Balance is also important for posture, reacting to dynamic change in directions in reducing risk of injuries. When walking, we spend 40% of our time with one foot on the ground while the other foot is moving through the air. Single leg balance helps to train our ability to react to sudden changes to break falls, strengthens our lower limb muscles which reduces risk of fall and injuries such as ankle sprains.


Purpose: Assess balance and static postural control

Items Needed: Stopwatch and partner to time assessment.

How to do the test?

  1. In a standing position position closed both eyes and cross arms over chest.
  2. Raised the foot of your choice and start the timer.
  3. Raised foot should not touch the ankle of the other leg for support.
  4. Timed ends when:
    - Arms are uncrossed
    - Used the raised foot by moving towards or away the standing leg.
    - Raised foot touches the floor
    - Eyes opened during the assessment

Take the test and see how you fare! Fill up the form below to get your results.



Tips from Active Health Coach

Incorporate these exercises in your daily routine to improve your postural balance.

Single Leg Toe Taps: 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Ensure you have sufficient space to do the exercise.

  1. Stand straight with shoulder width apart and hands on the hips.
  2. Lifting one foot while balancing the body with the other.
  3. Using the lifted foot, do toes taps in 4 direction (North, South, East, West)
  4. Ensure that you tap the foot lightly on the floor.
  5. To progress, try and tap further away from the centre of the body.

Single leg toe taps


Single Leg Deadlift without Weights : 3 sets of 10 Repetitions

Perform the movement near a wall for safety.

  1. Stand on one leg with knee slightly bent.
  2. Start bending at the hips and extend your leg behind you.
  3. Lower your chest until your leg and back is almost parallel to the floor.
  4. Return to starting position and repeat on the other leg.

Single leg deadlift witout weight



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