Alternate Hand Wall Toss Fitness Test

Note: Ensure you are well before you attempt this fitness test. If you feel any discomfort, cease the activity immediately and get medical attention. Read and understand the Safety & Indemnity form before you proceed further. Remember, your health is a priority!


The alternate hand wall toss is a test of hand-eye coordination. 


Purpose: Assess hand-eye coordination

Items Needed: Small ball, stopwatch, smooth solid wall and a partner to time the assessment.

How to perform the test?

  1. Stand 1m away from a wall with a tennis ball in preferred  hand.
  2. Start the timer and toss the tennis ball with an underarm toss against the wall and attempt to catch with the opposite hand.
  3. The ball is then thrown back against  the wall and caught with the initial hand.
  4. Record the total number of successful attempts in 30 seconds.

Take the test and see how you fare! Fill up the form below to get your results.

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